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Minibus hire with driver

Mini bus hire with driver

Our offices are based in Teddington and from there provide:

Local Minibus driver hire

Established in Kingston in 1998, so we feel we know the transport business reasonably well. From the beginnings of just having one minibus and one driver offering a Minibus hire with driver service, we have expanded to provide a home to school transport for various prestigious private schools around Surrey and London. We work with charities in Teddington, Twickenham and Richmond and various other businesses in the area. In 2010 we moved our office to Teddington, so are known locally as Teddington Minibus hire with driver.

We are proud to be a local company using our own vehicles and drivers, we are not a national broker without their own vehicles (such many of our competitors advertising in the area) e.g. Taxicode, SMP Coach Hire, National Coach Hire, or indeed any Minibus Hire price comparison site. All of these companies simply contact local Mini bus hire companies who are relatively close to the job being quoted and sub it out to them (as they don't have their own vehicles), then add between 15 and 20% to the price, to cover their own costs.

Most of us in every day life try to use local companies for their services, so when you search Minibus Hire with driver near me, look at where they (or their drivers) are actually based, before booking.

Our main emphasis has always been on customer service, being punctual and almost as importantly, providing service with a smile. We only use Ford Minibuses, learning from bitter experience that they are the most reliable Minibuses available. We can also provide an executive Minibus service, with reclining seats, overhead storage, LED lights, air conditioning and charging points for laptops, mobile phones etc.

We only accept advance bookings. That way we can guarantee to be on time (we generally aim to be 10 minutes early) and to arrive with a freshly cleaned minibus.

Our policy of employing drivers spread across south west London; means we can usually have a driver pick you up from somewhere close to where they live. So if you want to hire a Minibus with driver, our Croydon Minibus hire with driver service uses (when possible) a driver who lives in Croydon, the same with Twickenham Minibus hire, Wandsworth Minibus Hire and of course Teddington Minibus hire with driver etc.


minibus hire near me

Twickenham Minibus hire with driver

Richmond Minibus hire with driver

Kingston Minibus hire with driver

Wimbledon Minibus hire with driver

Esher Minibus hire with driver

Croydon Minibus hire with driver

Sutton Minibus hire with driver

Cobham Minibus hire with driver

Wandsworth Minibus hire with driver

Bagshot Minibus hire with driver

Standard or Executive Minibuses 

Croydon Minibus hire with driver


Our tag line is “friendly, safe, reliable” and we could really add "clean". After all we are reliant on good reviews and word of mouth for the majority of our business.

Local Minibus hire
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